The Corrs FAQ

Hello and welcome! I am the newly revamped Corrs FAQ file, and I can be located on the web at
Please read me before posting on the Corrs Mailing List (or on the Usenet newsgroup) Not only do I contain a lot of basic 'net information which may help you with some initial queries, I also contain some background notes on the Corrs for your reading pleasure.

The FAQ was started in January of 1999 for the use of all Corrs fan across the web, with information compiled from many various sources. Any comments, additions, corrections, and so on, are always welcomed - just drop Corrs List maintainer Mikko an email.

-= Table of Contents =-

1. General
1.1 Who are The Corrs?
1.2 General Usenet newsgroup/list info
1.3a Subscribing to and Unsubscribing from The Corrs Mailing List
1.3b Additional Corrs Mailing Lists
1.3c Usenet
1.4a General Netiquette
1.4b Flamewars
1.5 Appropriate Subject lines
1.6 Acronyms, abbreviations, and common definitions
1.7a Obligatory On-topicness
1.7b Things NOT to ask or bring up/threads which go nowhere
1.8 Validity of information

2. Songs/Albums
2.1 Short discography
2.2a Finding lyrics
2.2b Finding music
2.3 Cover songs
2.4 Unreleased songs
2.5 Where to find given songs
2.6 Songs sung by other members
2.7a "Secret" messages/sounds
2.7b Hidden tracks
2.8 Differences between releases

3. Band Info
3.1 Origin of name
3.2 First appearance
3.3 Short Bios
3.4 Personal info for the prying fan
3.5 Silly rumors
3.6 The Corrs Fan Club
3.7 Contacting the band

4. Merchandise
4.1 Pricing/finding rarities
4.2 Books
4.3 T-Shirts
4.4 Videos
4.5 "Bootlegs"

5. News/Info/Net Resources
5.1 Message Boards
5.2 Chat rooms/channels
5.3 Recommended resources

6. Conclusion
6.1 Acknowledgments
6.2 Disclaimer

1. -General-

1.1 Who are The Corrs?

The Corrs are an enchanting pop/rock group from Ireland who have created a distinct sound by combining traditional Celtic elements with modern pop music. They are well known in the UK and most of Europe, Australasia, South East Asia, and their American fanbase is also steadily rising. They are all siblings, consisting of brother Jim (guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals) and his 3 younger sisters; Sharon (violin and backing vocals), Caroline (drums, piano, bodhrán, other percussion, and backing vocals), and Andrea (lead vocals and tin whistle)

The Corrs also have a touring/session lead guitarist, Anthony "Anto" Drennan, and a touring/session bassist, Keith Duffy. For a short time Conor Brady was the touring lead guitarist, replacing Anto whilst he was touring with Genesis.

1.2 General Usenet newsgroup/list info

The Corrs Usenet newsgroup,, and The Corrs Mailing List (see below), are the primary places to discuss The Corrs. Topics of discussion can range from lyrical comments to new song info, personal Corr stories, and even more general social interaction. Though friendly banter will always be a part of these groups, when sending a message, at least try to stay as on topic as possible. If a thread develops that you aren't interested in, just ignore it - all threads die out eventually.
Complaining about certain threads can be counter productive by just prolonging them and sometimes ending up in flame wars.

1.3a Subscribing to and Unsubscribing from The Corrs Mailing List

(i) Subscribing

To subscribe, send an email to and put subscribe corrs-list in the mail body. Use corrs-digest instead of corrs-list if you want to subscribe to the digest version of the list. (The digest version amounts to receiving a certain amount of posts all in one larger email, instead of receiving each email separately. Generally the digest will come on average once per day - less if traffic is slow, more frequent if the list is exceptionally busy - and is approximately 30kb in size)

The mail subject gets ignored so you can put anything you like there. Your email should appear like one of the following:

Subscribing to the normal mode list

Subject: (anything)

Body: subscribe corrs-list


Subscribing to the digest mode list

Subject: (anything)

Body: subscribe corrs-digest

You will receive instructions on how to post to the list after subscribing.

(ii) Unsubscribing

To unsubscribe, as with subscription, send an email to and now put unsubscribe corrs-list in the
mail body. If you want to unsubscribe from the digest list, replace corrs-list with corrs-digest. Your email should look something like one of the examples below:

Unsubscribing from the normal mode list

Subject: (anything)

Body: unsubscribe corrs-list


Unsubscribing from the digest mode list

Subject: (anything)

Body: unsubscribe corrs-digest

1.3b Additional Corrs Mailing Lists

Though The Corrs Mailing List mentioned above is the main point of discussion for Corrs fans, various other mailing lists do exist on the web. For example, around 15 mailing lists can be found at Yahoo Groups, including lists in Italian, Brazilian, and the like; as well as lists run by websites (for example Corrs For Thought) By far the most active list here is the aptly titled corrs_list. To join any of these lists, you must first register with Yahoo which can be done via their website.

A further mailing list is the corrs-friends list, a subsidiary list of the main Corrs Mailing List, which is a small and highly off topic discussion group. It was created to attempt to curb the amount of personal discussion on its parent list and, while small, it can generate a lot of traffic at times. To subscribe, simply send a blank (no subject, no text) email to and respond to the confirmation email you will receive. After this, an introductory email shall be sent out to you to explain what you should do next.

1.3c Usenet

The Corrs newsgroup can be located at "". If you're new to Usenet newsgroups, it is suggested to give either "news.newusers.questions" or "news.announce.newusers" a once over first, as the articles there contain a lot of helpful tips on how to get started, and how Usenet newsgroups work, amongst other things.

1.4a General Netiquette for Usenet and Mailing Lists

General rules of thumb:
- Do not post "Make Money Fast!" or any such variants. They are damn annoying to everyone.
- Do not post advertisements unless they are actually on-topic and even then, post only once.
- Do not send virus warnings; even if there happens to be a virus, people will have heard of it elsewhere and don't want their mail clogged up. Fake virus warnings just generally serve to piss people off, as well as creating a bit of list havoc.
- Do not send any form of chain mail, as these will usually annoy the general population even more than virus warnings. These include "fill in and pass on" questionnaires, snowballs, birthday lists, "the poor little boy in Afghanistan with no ears who will receive 0.05c for each email", good luck chants, and so on.
- Read all messages before formulating replies. This saves replying a question that has already been answered 5 times. If possible, try and reply all necessary posts in one, longer email, as opposed to 6 or 7 one-liners.
- Keep quoting (including parts of the original message you are replying to in your post) down to a bare minimum.
- Keep your manners about you. Lots of people will be reading and possibly replying to what you post, and there are bound to be differences of opinion occasionally. In case of this, it's far better to let people see that you're a polite and well educated person rather than a rude, arrogant one.
- Be nice to and patient with 'newbies' - remember, everyone was new at some stage, and everyone has asked at least one stupid question.

1.4b Flamewars

Flamewars erupt often, and the best remedy is to just ignore them (though this can sometimes be easier said that done!) and hope that they flicker out quickly. If you really must tell someone what an idiot they are and that their opinions suck, do it in private. Posting such comments to the list/news group only serve to annoy your subject even more, as well as usually creating a bit of havoc as no doubt some other members will wish to voice an opinion about you.

Also, take note that some people will join just to say something rude, and then leave immediately so they won't see any replies. Like in all other cases, it's best to ignore them. An example? Think 'James O'Neill' ;-)

Take note of what you are saying - don't purposefully set out to start flames. Not only are they generally very off topic, they are pointless and go nowhere. If someone has a different opinion on something to yours, live with it. There is, however, a difference between a flamewar and a heated discussion. As long as a debate on a particular topic doesn't start to get personal, then it's not a flamewar. But make sure you formulate a good argument, as a bad one can end up in flames. For instance, don't just say "this song is crap" and leave it at that; explain why you think it's crap.

1.5 Appropriate Subject lines

When starting a new topic of discussion, put a little thought into the subject line. If it's about a song, then just call it "Secret Life" or something basic. If advertising a website, then a general topic starter is "WWW: news/information/updated/etc". If your post is off topic then it's helpful to start with "NCC" (no Corrs content) or "LCC" (little Corrs content)

When replying, keep the original topic line so people know it's the same thread. Digest users, copy and paste the original topic to your reply rather than sending out an email with "Re: The Corrs List Digest V3 #162" as the subject line. If replying more than one email at once, then you can either:
- call it "Re: various topics" or something along those lines
- leave the topic just as "Re: (the first message being replied to)" or
- combine topics, eg. "Re: Lyrics/Andrea/WWW: help"

Above all never post 'surprise' subject lines to entice a reader into reading your email as this is a sure fire way of getting on people's nerves. (For example "Corrs performing live this weekend!!...Now that I've got your attention...")

1.6 Acronyms, abbreviations, and common definitions

Common Corrs-related/song acronyms:

FNF - Forgiven, Not Forgotten
LTLY - Love To Love You
SFS - Somebody For Someone
TTF - Toss The Feathers
TOC - Talk On Corners
OWIS - Only When I Sleep
INLYA - Never Loved You Anyway
QOH - Queen Of Hollywood

Other song acronyms can be constructed along the same lines as the above. If you see one that has you stumped, just get
out your CDs and see what matches :)

General acronyms:

AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AKA - Also Known As
BTW - By The Way
IMHO - In My (Humble/Honest) Opinion
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
NP - Now Playing (used at ends of messages to indicate what poster was listening to at the time of posting)
NP (2) - No Problem
ROFL - Rolling On (the) Floor, Laughing
WWW - just that, WWW (ie. website information)

Common definitions:

:-) - the common 'smiley', variations include :) :o) :] and so on

;-) - the common 'winky', this one is generally cheeky and/or sarcastic

:-( - sad face

B-side - "the song on the single that isn't the single", for example "Remember" is the B-side of "Only When I Sleep". The name comes from back when everything was on record, and singles came out with only 2 tracks - the single on the "A" side and then another, different song, on the "B" side. For added trivia, this is also the origin of the name "double A-side", where a single contains 2 songs that are both released to radio and the like, for example the Beatles' "Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields", and the Spice Girls' "Mama/Who Do You Think You Are". Even though widely, things are no longer available on vinyl, the names live on.

Bootleg - an unofficial recording; see 4.5

Flame - attacking someone via email has been given the name "flaming". These most certainly are not nice and people who flame "in public" (ie. via mailing lists/newsgroups) are usually harshly reprimanded. Not to condone flames, but if you want to make a good one, make sure your spelling and grammar (as well as any reason and/or logic) are perfect so there's little room left for you to be attacked back ;-)

Signature - the quote/contact details/URL/etc that some people attach to the footer of their posts. In general, these should be 4 lines or less and should not include any huge ASCII artwork. And, if you have a quote, change it every so often so it doesn't get old; give your recipients something new to look at :)

Thread - a group of messages all on the same topic constitute a 'thread'.

Yelling - WHEN YOU USE ALL CAPITALS IT MEANS YOU'RE YELLING so don't do it too often.

1.7a "ObCorrs" - obligatory on-topicness

If posting an off topic message (now, why would you think of doing that, one may ask ;-)), you should at least try to include a little on-topic material (and not just "PS. The Corrs rock!") and, though now archaic, this short blurb has gained the nickname "ObCorrs".

1.7b Things NOT to ask or bring up/threads which go nowhere

- How do I get off the mailing list?

All mailing lists have generally fielded dozens of these requests, so don't even think about asking. Saving the introductory mail you received when you subscribed will save having to wonder - as will reading this FAQ.

- When are they touring in my city?
- When's the new album/single out?

Most websites have dates if they are available. If they're not there...then chances are they haven't been leaked/confirmed yet. If the information has been posted and you can't remember, give the mailing list archives a quick search. Every post is archived, so as long as you know what you're looking for, it's the easiest way.

- What is a true fan?
- Also includes those "how can you call yourself a fan if you don't like this song?!" posts

Don't even go there!

- What albums are there?
- What songs are on which album?

Again, most websites have this sort of stuff. Same with lyrics and the like. Exceptions are new material, for example if the album hasn't been released then not many sites (if any) will have the lyrics to any of the songs that have been leaked.

- Threads bashing other bands.

There's always gonna be one Steps fan out there whose temper you'll rile, so just don't bother.

- Silly rumours.

See section 3.8.

- What's everyone's favourite song/album/band member?

Fine for messageboards, but on a list of 800 or so members it's less than wise. Not only have these topics already done the rounds several times, they get quite boring after a while. If you're itching to know, create a poll and ask people to go vote.

1.9 Validity of information

The golden rule: don't believe everything you read, especially when it's referring to "too good to be true" things such as special releases/concerts, and also personal band member info (ie. Andrea and her many boyfriends). Take special care on April Fool's Day! If something is true, it should have a reliable source or reference. Radio stations can be rife with rumours so be wary of what they say until it's certain (for example believe the promo tour when they start giving out tickets), and almost anything the Sun reports can be taken with a pinch of salt.

Press releases are 99% valid. Quotes taken from Corrs articles/interviews are usually 50-50 as not even they will know their schedule sometimes.

2. -Songs/Albums-

2.1 Short discography to date

Album releases:

Forgiven Not Forgotten (1995)
Talk On Corners (1997)
- Talk On Corners Special Edition (1998/9)
Unplugged (1999)
In Blue (2000)
- In Blue Special Edition (2000)

Single releases:

Forgiven Not Forgotten
Give Me A Reason
Heaven Knows
I Know My Love (with the Chieftains)
I Never Loved You Anyway
Lifting Me
Love To Love You
Old Town
Only When I Sleep
- Runaway remix
So Young (remix only)
The Right Time
Una Noche (One Night)
What Can I Do
- What Can I Do remix

For an extremely comprehensive discography including all Corrs releases as well as collaborations with other artists, visit Helen Marijnissen's Corrs Discography site.

2.2a Finding lyrics

Lyrics for all songs can also be found at the Corrs Discography, as well as various other sites across the web. Almost all websites have lyrics so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

2.2b Finding music

The notes and tablature are generally harder to find than lyrics and the like, so here's a handful of sites that should have all you need:

- Guitar tabs

- Tin whistle notes
- Guitar tabs

- Tin whistle & violin notes
- Guitar tabs

- Guitar tabs

- Guitar tabs

- Tin whistle notes

2.3 Cover songs

The Corrs have done covers of several songs, several of them live only for example "We Are Family" (original by Sister Sledge) during their 1996/7 tour, and Prince's "1999" in several UK concerts at the end of 1998. These do not exist on any official recordings. Covers which do include "Little Wing" (Jimi Hendrix - can be found on Talk On Corners and Unplugged), "Dreams" (Fleetwood Mac - re-releases of Talk On Corners as well as Unplugged), "Everybody Hurts" (REM), "Old Town" (Thin Lizzy) and "No Frontiers" (Jimmy McCarthy - all on Unplugged). Adding to this, they have recently performed John Lennon's classic "War Is Over" on several American TV programmes, and Allison Krauss' "Looking In The Eyes of Love" has just been recorded for the special edition of In Blue. New: The Beatles' "The Long And Winding Road" was performed on British TV and is to be recorded for an upcoming tribute album. ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All" was also done for a tribute album.

2.4 Unreleased songs

The following songs the Corrs have sung live during concerts or in the studio but have never been officially released:
- "Make You Mine". You can hear a small part of it in the Right Time Documentary which was shown on TV in Ireland on St. Patrick's Day 1998. A short sample can be found at Closer To The Corrs.
- "On Your Own" sung during part of the Forgiven Not Forgotten Tour.
- "We Are Family" sung during part of the Forgiven Not Forgotten Tour.
- "1999" sung during only a few concerts of the Talk On Corners Tour.

2.5 Where to find given songs

To see where you can find certain songs/remixes of songs and so on, it is recommended to pay another visit to the Corrs Discography where you can find an alphabetical songlist of all the songs/remixes performed by the Corrs as well as what release you may find them on and a direct link to the appropriate album/single.

2.6 Songs sung by other members

- "No Frontiers" is sung by Caroline and Sharon.
- "1999" is sung by Sharon, Andrea and Jim.

2.7a "Secret" messages/sounds

- The start of the song "Leave Me Alone" contains the reverse of the line "Leave Me Alone". If you play the start of the song "Leave Me Alone" in reverse you can hear "Leave Me Alone".
- About halfway through the song "Give Me A Reason" is a reversal of the line
"now my body's weak, my body's weak."

2.7b Hidden tracks

The Australian 'The Right Time' single is the only Corrs release so far to contain a hidden track (one which is on the CD but not found cited on the sleeve) - on the end of the 2 track CD is the album version of the song. Some would count the Australian 'In Blue' as having Judy as a somewhat hidden track as it appears some 30 seconds after Rebel Heart ends, but it is listed on the CD booklet so is not truly hidden. Thirdly, on the Australian 'What Can I Do' single, while the Stringapella is listed as track 2, the CD in fact contains the original album version of the song instead.

2.8 Differences between album releases

The main difference between European/USA/Australian "Forgiven Not Forgotten" releases and the Japanese "Forgiven Not Forgotten" release is that the Japanese release includes one extra track that can't be found anywhere else, namely "Somebody Else's Boyfriend". The Australian version was also re-released with a tour CD (same disc as Japan live, ie. Langelands festival)

The main difference between the "Talk On Corners" releases is that the re-releases include "Dreams" and the 1st releases do not. The third release of "Talk On Corners" is the Special Edition, which has the remixed versions of some of the songs instead of the original album version, and the cover art is different (blue-ish). In some places (namely Australia) there were 4 editions, the 3rd including the What Can I Do remix, and the 4th release being the Special Edition.

The same Unplugged disc was released worldwide except that the Australian edition was the only one to include Dreams originally. Secondly, the German re-release features a remix version of At Your Side, which is not found elsewhere.

As for In Blue, all copies to date are uniform except the Australian version which includes "Judy" as a bonus track, and the US version which has not only 3 bonus tracks ('Judy', 'Head In The Air' and acoustic 'What Can I Do') but different cover art as well.

For a more details on the different releases visit the Corrs Discography. This FAQ does not cover single releases, as there are too many differences to mention here!

3. -Band Info-

3.1 Origin of name

Their surname happens to be "Corr", hence the collective name "The Corrs". The word really does mean "odd" in Irish, and a further meaning is a "long-legged bird" such as a stork or heron.

3.2 First appearance

1990 - they first performed together when auditing for roles in the movie "The Commitments" where they sang a Quincy Jones song "Knock On Wood", as well as "Don't go For That". Their first "gig" was at the Waterfront (Dublin) for 200 friends and relatives.

3.3 Short Bios

Date of Birth:
Jim - July 31st, 1964
Sharon - March 24th, 1970
Caroline - March 17th, 1973
Andrea - May 17th, 1974

3.4 Personal info for the prying fan

Jim - is apparently single

Sharon - is engaged

Caroline - is dating (?)

Andrea - is single

3.5 Silly rumours

Every once in a while, someone will resurrect a really stupid rumour. Many of the really idiotic facts you hear will be just that - rumours. For example Andrea being linked with every male under the sun as the British tabloids are becoming quite famous for. A classic rumour has to be when "Andrea eloped with and married their manager John Hughes!" Don't believe everything you read, especially not when posted on April 1st as this was (1998). Quite a few people fell for it still. NB: The Corrs never sung the song "Jet Plane"!

3.6 The Corrs Fan Club

Sadly, there is no official fan club at this time. But, there are rumours about one - still!

3.7 Contacting the band

Send any fan mail to the address listed below. As said many times before, try to hold off sending short, meaningless messages like "You rule!", as they've gotten tons of those already. Don't send mail to (or visit) their homes - have a little respect for their privacy, they are only human. Also, none of the band members have personal email accounts and/or ICQ numbers. So stop asking!

You can contact Warner Music Ireland. They will forward your letter to The Corrs. As they say, it won't happen overnight, but it will get to the band - eventually. The best way of making sure a letter gets to them is to hand it to them at a CD signing, toss it on stage at a gig, or send it to a radio/TV station that they'll be visiting, before they arrive there. Of course, to do this you have to rely on them actually touring your country ;-)

So, that address to write to is:

Warner Music Ireland Ltd.
Alexandra House
Earlsfort Centre
Earlsfort Terrace
Dublin 2

4. -Merchandise-

4.1 Pricing/finding rarities

Prices always vary so make sure you shop around, where possible. If something sounds too expensive, it probably is, so ask why. If you doubt the numbers they're giving you, check other places available.

Check the Discography for details of rare Corrs CDs, and keep an eye on what pops up on online auctions, for instance eBay, though prices here can reach ridiculous amounts and not everything stamped "rare!" really is.

4.2 Books

"21st Century Celts" by Mark Freeth (1998)
- paperback but glossy pages
- 63 pages
- Unofficial and unauthorised
Just a simple book with many pictures and a lot of info we've all heard before.

"The Corrs" by Jane Cornwell (1999)
- hardback
- 128 pages
- Unofficial
Another rewording of all the same information as found on many sites, this one includes a slightly more comprehensive discography and chapters for each Corr.

"Corner to Corner" by Paul Gaster (1999)
- hardback
- 166 pages
- Authorised ("behind the scenes")
A pictorial history of the band from 1990 - 1999, with a lot of well presented and interesting information on their rise to fame, accompanied with many never before seen colour and black&white photographs. If you're only going to get one book, make sure it's this one.

4.3 T-Shirts/other small items

Generally only on sale at concerts. Some venues will also have caps and other merchandise such as mugs, lighters, postcards, and so on. Check for special releases of singles that can contain posters on occassion, also.

4.4 Videos

The Royal Albert Hall Video
- a full recording (17 tracks) of their March 17th (St. Patrick's Day), 1998 performance at London's Royal Albert Hall. This is an official recording and is pretty much available everywhere.

The Right Time
- a documentary on the Corrs from the early years of their career (ie. about 1990) until around 1997/8. This was broadcast by RTE in Ireland and so far has not been made available to purchase anywhere.

- performed and recorded at Ardmore Studios, Ireland (Co. Wicklow) on the 5th of October, 1999. A full performance of 15 songs, including orchestral accompaniment on several songs. Another official release, this is the same as the Unplugged CD though several songs are in some what of a different order.

Lansdowne Road - an almost full video performance of their homecoming gig at Lansdowne Rd, Dublin on July 17th 1999. 18 songs all up are included on the video as well as 3 bonus clips from In Blue. This is another widely available and official video release.
NB: the 3 official video releases can also be found on DVD.

A full list of videos, including promotional tapes as well as various versions of the official ones, can of course be located at Helen's Discography site.

4.5 "Bootlegs"

Bootlegs are for the most part live recordings, generally just audience recordings done by fans. There are also CDs manufactured by companies which are not connected to the band, containing live and/or unreleased studio tracks. In neither case does the band make a profit from these and so they are generally looked down upon, especially the latter as a 3rd party will be making money. A list of several of the more 'well known' bootlegs can be found at the Discography site but this is by no means a full list. Many audience bootlegs circulate only amongst a few fans, or are used for the sole listening purposes of the original recorder.

5. -News/Info/Net Resources-

5.1 Message Boards

While there is a host of message boards all over the web, the 2 most widely used boards are:

The Corrsonline Message Board

- Highly detailed and moderated, this is split into 16 distinct separate forums, for example 'Questions & Answers', 'Non-Corrs Related', 'Andrea', and so on
- must be a registered member to post (almost 3000 members at the time of writing)
Format: Posts split into forums; UBB style: click the heading to see the replies.

The 'CorrBoard'

- Formerly hosted by InsideTheWeb (which has since shut down), another large discussion group.
- Do not need to register or anything to post. Also includes an 'off-topic' board.
Format: Posts all appear on main page, replies underneath heading.

Several other sites also have their own message boards (for example Corrs For Thought) Furthermore, additional message boards can be found by searching for 'Corrs' on any search engine, though many have shut down as were hosted by InsideTheWeb.

5.2 Chat rooms/channels

Again, there are probably chat rooms everywhere you turn, but here's a list of the more well known ones:

The Corrs Community
- aka "message board chat"; generally the people who frequent the Corrboard can be found here
- must be a member to chat, just sign up with nbci and you'll be chatting in minutes.

Corrsonline Chat
- must be a member to chat, authorisation happens within minutes
- chat is logged, and on a private server

Kerry's Corrs For Thought Chat
- must register first to chat, this can be done in a few seconds

"Alternate" Chat Room
- just what it says. The 'official' alternate chat room just incase nbci bites the dust. Used to be the official chatroom but anexa itself is pretty unreliable.
- must be a member to chat, authorisation can take anywhere from minutes to days.

- #corrs on Undernet
- #corrs on DALnet
- must download IRC first to chat, for this head to
- I personally have never been to #corrs on DALnet, so no comments, and was not very impressed with #corrs on Undernet

5.2 Recommended resources

The Corrs Community
- home of the discography site, Shannon's Corrs fan page, Rachel's Corrs links page, and the Mailing List home page (includes archives)

The Corrs Online
- latest news, large information library, message board, chat room, etc

Closer To The Corrs
- latest news, extremely well archived, and now the new fans page *join now!*

- yet another message board and chat room, as well as all the latest scans and the ever changing quote on the title page

6. -Conclusion-

6.1 Acknowledgments

The original Corrs FAQ was created by Tom (January 1999), aided by the following individuals:
- Mikko (for some sections and keeping it all together),
- Helen (for her record info),
- Lucy (for her input)

This version has been resurrected by Sally who you can email if you feel the need to. Please note that this is not all my own work and I don't deserve credit for it. Much of the original FAQ has been left as is, with minor rewordings and of course updates.

6.2 Disclaimer

The Corrs FAQ is copyright ©1999. It is freely distributable online through Usenet, e-mail, and FTP. It may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may any charge be imposed for its distribution. This FAQ is intended for use on any websites, Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists dedicated to The Corrs, so if you would like to use it, then please feel free to do so.

Cheers, and thanks for reading everyone!

| updated 04/06/01